65-Mary of the Sign pt 1

In 1170AD the medieval Republic of Novgorod was under siege by an army of the 4 kingdoms of Russia. But the icon “Our Lady of the Sign” was stationed there also. (Part 1 of a 2 part story. – Part 2 see Installment 66 once published)

Miraculous Icon of the Virgin and Child
The icon…origin is unknown, and it was touched up many years ago
Image of treeline on berm outside city
May be the area where the battle took place and where the icon was positioned.

The Constant Procession is a book, a personal memoir about the history of the Virgin Mary or the Madonna since she passed on.

The book runs from Episode 1-49 in contiguous installments that run around 7 minutes in length each. Podcast updates are published every Tuesday morning and read by me, Nikos Steves, the author.

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Some information for this podcast came from the following sources:

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Cathedral of Our Lady of the Sign





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