70- Xmas Pt 2; Rush Not!

Where will you find yourself in these weeks of preparation for Christmas.

Planning a trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem requires preparation, it did for the Madonna and Joseph.  They did not get lost in the trip planning.

Will we get lost in the festivities of the details before this Christmas Day?

This is the 2nd part of a Christmas mini-series.

To listen to the Part 1 of this Christmas mini-series

Illustration of Joseph with the Madonna who's on a donkey
The Road Less Traveled
Interior of mall at Christmas
Something for everyone at Christmas time.

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The book runs from Episode 1-49 in contiguous installments that run around 7 minutes in length each. Additional material not in the book starts from Podcast 50 and updates are published every Tuesday morning and read by me, Nikos Steves, the author.

To listen from the beginning of the book Constant Procession

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