73- Xmas Pt 5; Beyond Day 1

Final part of the 5 part mini-series (Installments 69-73) for extending Christmastime as our senses continue attracting complimentary gifts for mind, body and spirit during the 12 days beyond December 25th.

Manger scene
A manger gets completed near the end of the 12 days when the magi arrive
Newspaper ad for Dec 26 as after Xmas
But December 26 is only the 2nd Day of Christmas…
Xmas C3PO & R2 decoration
Neighborhoods remain colorful reminders of the 12 Days of Xmas
Xmas cookies on counter
Xmas cookies intended to be enjoyed beyond Christmas day
Xmas tree
The Star added on Christmas Day to enjoy for the rest of the 12 Days

To listen to the Part 1 of this Christmas mini-series

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