120- Part 1; Expanding Christmas

Scene of White Xmas tree in front of a chapel
Does Christmas Start Here?

The Season of Christmas comes when the Macy’s Day Parade ends at twelve o’clock noon, on Thanksgiving Day.

If you’re wary, not to mention weary of having holiday music and incessant prodding to buy foisted upon you, it’s OK…

You are entitled to feel pushed and perhaps even cheated by the wizards of sales who’ve planted themselves upon what is suppose to be an earnest time of transitioning. This is the time for reflecting on where we are and to begin considering where we are going in the next year.

So as wintertime settles in, now is the time to be preparing for the miraculous birth of Jesus coming into the world and to consider how much God loves us by this offering. And it’s the beginning of the preparations by St. Joseph and the Virgin Mary for their journey to Bethlehem that comes to mind as well.

This holiday season, I’m re-playing my podcast mini-series on ways to EXTEND YOUR CHRISTMAS. Because it’s in the way we make time, post Turkey Day that will help enhance our family and friend’s holiday experience. So take a listen and consider taking time to partake in pre-Christmas time activities through Advent readings or the Nativity Fast.

Links from the podcast:

Quotes & Information about Advent from Fr. Roger J. Landry

Information about the Nativity Fast…(It’s never too late to start)

The origin of these podcasts began with my book Constant Procession.

Constant Procession tells of key apparitions of the Virgin Mary since she passed on from the world and how she serves humanity through Christianity.

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