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Infographic advertising my book "The Very Fine Light." The text reads, Randy Sparks and the Mayor of Canalville say: The Very Fine Light is the best thing since sliced bread! Below all this text are the words, Book now available at Amazon. This text is over black but has 3 images. A photo of a bucket truck on the left, a picture of a big black SUV on the right plus a taller graphic of the cover of my book, "The Very Fine Light' off to the left side.

“The Very Fine Light”- Paperback, eBook @ Amazon. The AudioBook also at Audible & Apple!

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Cover of my new book "The Very Fine Light" and the words "The Nikos Steves Channel" over a background photo of a bridge over the river in the fictional village of "Canalville"
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Photo of NIkos Steves with his new book from a Zoom event
Reading from Chapter 3 of my book

Here’s a sample of my book- Chapter 3 is where the main characters meet in a bit of a mashup!

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My book, The Very Fine Light, is about Randy Sparks, a freewheeling Village of Canalville employee.

Julie Vale the Village Manager who almost single-handedly makes the village run.

And Mayor Buell Bellburn who gets (and loves to take) all the credit.

Randy is always in trouble for telling it like it is and he meets plenty of pushback from the mayor who is hiding a secret.

Look out when these ingredients are combined with the pending village insolvency

It promise a volatile chemistry and sparks will fly! (Excuse the pun Randy!)

Photo of NIkos Steves with his new book from a Zoom event
A Video Reading from Chapter 43- Randy Sparks & Julie encounter several members of the TV Crew
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