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Photo of Nikos Steves in Amsterdam

Hello- I’m Nikos Steves and this site hosts my books as well as my weekly podcast.

My new book The Very Fine Light is a contemporary novel that takes place during the Christmas season in a village in the lake country of New York State.

It unfolds during a crisis that forces the community into actions that reveal the lengths people go to save their bacon rather than their souls.

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* indicates required, and my Youtube Channel are where I post my podcasts, plus this website is where you can find additional photos, occasional videos plus links and more information for each podcast.

Each podcast typically runs about 10 minutes in length and I update with a new podcast every Tuesday morning.

The site is also a platform for several holiday mini-series (Christmas & Easter) that go into ways to get more during these Christian experiences.

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My first book

The Constant Procession is about my road to discovering the history of the Virgin Mary since she passed on from the world.  

I trace some of her most recognized apparitions in this religious memoir.

My journey has taken me to three continents (to date) with more travels in the future! I will update you with future podcasts and blog posts while I travel to these sites…

An eBook copy of this book The Constant Procession is available here in the sidebar of the website.

I have not received any formal training in theology, and so this memoir documents what I have learned on my personal journey of discovery.

I welcome feedback and so long as you understand I have no formal training, but respect the apostolic churches (East and West) as my “go to” sources for my religious beliefs.

I have chosen to bring my observations to the written (now audible) world because in my view, the uplifting aspects of Christian belief in today’s world is increasingly overlooked and as I have learned, to share the word of Jesus Christ is part of being a Christian. Please note my intent is to “share” the word not “proselytize.” Sharing is more my style.

Before writing The Constant Procession and the production of these podcasts, with the exception of my attending church on a regular basis and volunteering on various church outreach activities, mine had been a relatively private relationship with the Lord.  But once I recognized my part in this constant procession, along with others who pray in private and corporately during weekly church services, this personal approach has changed.

So,  for those who have little or no background in Christian religious history and how it is intertwined with our historical past,  for those who are open minded,  for those who have left religion behind and curious enough to review or renew their own personal faith, if my journey is helpful, then I have fulfilled my goal…

Which is to help sharpen one’s focus on the positive role Christian faith provides in bringing light into this world.

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