133- When Mary met Ermesinde

Ermesinde created at Clairefontaine a place for helping people in need. This amazing place succeeded for hundreds of years following her meeting the Virgin Mary…

Ermesinde granting requests (illustration from Wikipedia)

After meeting the Madonna, Ermesinde of Luxembourg created at Clairefontaine a place of remarkable works for helping people in need for 100’s of years, only to be destroyed by those who believe man is greater than God.

Ruins of the foundation of Ermesinde's apparition inspired
Ruins of the Abbey that Ermesinde wanted built after her meeting the Madonna.
Aerial view of Cistercian Abbey build in 1935 near the ruins
The Cistercian Abbey of Notre-Dam de Clarifontain established in 1935 near the ruins

Podcast sources & these photos + more on Ermesinde & Clairefonaine:

Godfrey Kurth quote via William J. Walsh’s book Heaven’s Bright Queen

Miracle Hunter

Spirit Daily


European Charter for Cistercian Abbeys and Sites

(This installment is a replay of Season 4 Episode 8)

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