95- Pt 3; Back to Conyers

PART 3 of this Summer Series:

Bernadette’s credibility is in question until she reveals a specific thing the Madonna said. Next stop on my journey is to a local apparition site near Atlanta, Georgia.

Bernadette- photo taken most likely sometime after the apparition.
Bernadette- photo taken most likely sometime after the apparition, photo is in the Lourdes Museum at the apparition site in France.
Bernadette's Family photo
Bernadette’s Family photo, (she is in white, may have been her first communion celebration)
Flags and pilgrams before the candlelight vigil
Candlelight processions sometimes proceed the candlelight vigil- Lourdes, France
Sign says The Farm in front of the Conyers Georgia apparition site
The Farm;  Conyers, Georgia USA… Apparition site (October 16, 2017 – The Conyers apparition is not  currently sanctioned )
Pilgrims at "The Farm" in Conyers, Georgia Apparition site (October 16, 2017)
Pilgrims at “The Farm” in Conyers, Georgia USA Apparition site (October 16, 2017)


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