126- Our Mother of Help

The apparitions of  “Our Mother of Help” (aka Madonna del Soccorso, the Patroness of Sciacca) tells of a 14th century landlocked apparition and fishermen turned seafarers.

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(This podcast is a re-play of Season 4- Episode 74.)

One night in 1306 an Augustinian Friar received a vision of the Madonna who’s radiant beauty overcame him. The Virgin Mary spoke to him saying she was the “Mother of Help” or the Madonna of Rescue and came to his town Sciacca to aid and assist the towns people.  She asked him to get up and spread the story of his being healed.


A Statue in a procession of our Lady
A procession of a statue of the Madonna del Soccorso


VIDEO- Flight of the Angel at the Fishermens Feast of Boston 2018

Website for the Fishermen’s Feast of Boston

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