229- Jesus in the House Days!

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The 12 Days of Sunshine or Jesus in the House! Always keep in mind Christmas Day is just the ‘first day’ of this truly Great Tiding!

1-December 25 – Celebration of Birth of Christ

2-December 26 –  St Stephens first Martyr of Christianity

3- December 27- St John the Evangelist

4-December 28- Holy Innocents/Holy Family

5-December 29- St Thomas Becket – 12th century/Holy Innocents

6 December 30 – Feast- Holy Family/St Egwin of Worcester-protector orphans/widows

7 December 31- St Sylvester New Years Eve

8 January 01 – Mary, Mother of God

9 January 02 – St Basil & St Gregory -4th century Christian Bishops

10 January 3- Holy Name of Jesus –Day Jesus was named in the Temple

11 January 4 –St Simeon Stylites 37 years on platform on pillar at Aleppo

12-January 5 – Epiphany Eve (visit of Magi)

January 6 -Epiphany visit of Maji, singing, winter swimming

Xmas tree
The Star of David added on Christmas Day to enjoy for the rest of the 12 Days
Newspaper ad for Dec 26 as after Xmas
But December 26 is only the 2nd Day of Christmas
Xmas cookies on counter
Xmas cookies intended to be enjoyed beyond Christmas day
Manger scene
The Manger gets completed near the end of the 12 days when the Magi arrive
Xmas C3PO & R2 decoration
Neighborhoods remain colorful reminders of the 12 Days of Xmas

More information about the 7th Day of Christmas

More information about the 8th Day ( Solemnity of the Virgin Mary)

More information about the 9 Day

More information about the 10 Day

More information about the 11 Day

More information about the 12 Day

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