235- Mary. The One who shows ‘The Way’

Our Lady of Czestochowa is known as ‘The One Who Shows the Way’

St. Luke’s ‘Black Madonna’ painting is believed to be this very miraculous icon. Today’s podcast traces how the painting eventually found its way to Poland.

St Luke's "Image of St Luke's Black Madonna" of Czestochowska
Saint Luke, Public Domain, Link

Source material for this podcast episode include:



April-May 2021 Pilgrimage to Poland and Lithuania with EWTN’s ‘Miracle Hunter’ Michael O’Neill

October 18-27 2021 Nativity Pilgrimage- ‘Ten Day Shrines of France with EWTN’s ‘Miracle Hunter’ Michael O’Neill

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Corona updates, why aren’t there more stories from medical folks that give us a broader look at the various effects that take place when one has the virus?

How about more information about the difference between flu symptoms verses Corona symptoms?

Another question for you, how do you visualize a community hosting a procession asking the Virgin Mary to intercede for us to her son for seeking help to overcome this plague?

How would you go about organizing a procession in your community?

What Miraculous Icon of the Virgin Mary would be available that your community could use in a procession?

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