249- Lady of the Golden Fountain

St. Leo the Great met the Virgin Mary while attempting to save the life of an old man who was about to die of thirst.

This apparition of the Virgin Mary came about at a place called “The Life-Giving Spring.” A church was eventually built there and dedicated to the Most Holy Theotokos in the countryside outlying Constantinople.

Leo I (from Wikipedia)

Church of St Mary (Leo I built, not in the story)

Christ Has Risen! Indeed He Has!

Thank you for listening as Christians from East and West continue to celebrate the Risen Lord Jesus Christ!

So great it is to be alive on this day as Spring continues to extend light into our days and colors into the world around us!

The buds on trees are giving way to leafy forests of green.

Colorful flowers continue to blossom as chirping birds zip around seeking food for new hatchlings. The newly born can be heard crying for more to eat!

Welcome to Spring 2021!

May is the Month of the Virgin Mary!

Endless horizons
Something greater beyond life’s horizons

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