256- The Knock Apparition of the Virgin Mary

One apparition that has been approved at the highest level of credibility in the Roman Catholic church is ‘Our Lady of Knock.’ This famous meeting of humanity with the Madonna occurred in 1879.

This famous apparition of the Virgin Mary also includes the appearance of St. Joseph, St. John, the Lamb and a Cross all together at the Vatican approved apparition “Our Lady of Knock.”

Illustration of the appartion at Knock
Illustration of the appartion at Knock- Divine Mysteries and Miracles Blog
Inside of Knock the glass enclosed apparition location today
The wall and images placed as to where they were located (at Knock today- photo thinplacestour.com
Knock apparition site mosaic of The Virgin Mary, St John and St. Joseph
Mosaic inside the Basilica, close-up impression of the Knock apparition experience- photo by NativityBurke.org.
Modern Basilica in back, original church in front, the chapel shrine attachment is on the right side of the old church
Modern Basilica in back, original church in front, the modern chapel shrine attach, that has the original apparition wall (left of the glass panels) is on the right side of the old church- IrishAmerica.com
Side view of the apparition wall at Knock, Ireland
Apparition site at back wall of the old church- photo thinplacestour.com

Sources for this podcast and MORE INFO can be found at the following links:

Official Knock Shrine website

Knock Apparition & Church Recognition at MiracleHunter.com

John Carpenter’s Divine Mysteries and Miracles Blog

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