258- A Society Without God

A former Russian Orthodox Cathedral spotted on a contemporary Russian citizen’s video brings up the Fatima Apparition warning by the Virgin Mary in 1917 and an excerpt from my book.

Here is a bit more from my book The Constant Procession that is the focus of this weeks podcast:

In Chapter 22, entitled “Unheeded Prayers,” the remaining Fatima Seer, Sister Lucia, brings the Pope requests made to her by the Virgin Mary during the apparition she experienced in Portugal in 1917. Recalling what the Madonna told Sister Lucia: “If you pay heed to my requests, Russia will be converted and there will be peace. If not, Russia will spread her errors through the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church. Many will suffer martyrdom, and the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and several nations will disappear.”

Unfortunately, little action was taken to honor this prayer request, and the possibility for peace became a lost opportunity. Consequently, Stalin and his Communist Party became the new power on the ground in Europe.

These armed victors moved quickly into the political vacuum across the war-torn lands. Their efforts gained ground, especially in Eastern Europe, as they aggressively encouraged civil wars, after which they installed puppet governments under the shadow of Communist influence.

Before long, fear and intimidation overcame peaceful transitions, and the liberties found in more open societies vanished.

Chapter 23, A Society Without God, reflects on the environment in the sphere of Soviet influence, where people lived in a world without social liberty and Bibles were banished. The experience of a Seventh-Day Adventist reveals the level of suppression people of faith endured in those times.

Chapter 24, Hot Pursuit in a Cold War, explains how the Communists, with increasing confidence, took down religion. With huge armies still deployed in Europe and the newly acquired power of atomic weapons, the victors squared off using new battle techniques. The “Great Return” found fierce resistance in France as the communists gained control of the political machine. In Hungary, however, the procession yielded fruit until it, too, was run aground.

Information about the 2nd Secret of Our Lady of Fatima’s apparition- Catholic.org

“Today, according to Archbishop Kondrusiewicz, who is now the Archbishop of Minsk, Belarus, every church in his country has a statue of Our Lady of Fatima.”

More about Mikhail Kulakov and also ‘Religion’ in the USSR

Though the Heavens Fall, the book quoted in this podcast– RussianBible.org

More about Mikhail Kulakov– Wikipedia.com

More about Religion under the Communists in the USSR– Wikipedia.com

Russian Orthodox Cathedral destroyed by Stalin in 1930's
Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Baku destroyed in 1930’s by Stalin- Wikimedia Commons

Here are some images and videos that show the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow being blown up and various takes on it’s history including relatively recent events into present day…including a modern protest…

TV story of the history of Christ the Savior in Moscow w/ recent assault on the Virgin Mary
Old time perhaps news reel footage from the actual time period?

Below is a complete history of Christ the Savior in Moscow w/ rare photos:

Finally: A Very Detailed Blog by Irena Domingo with great links should you still want more info Russiable.com

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