262- St Willibald, 4th (of 6) family members to be a saint!

St. Willibald is the 4th of 6 saints from an English family who lived in the 700’s. Son of Ss. Wuna and Richard of Wessex, nephew of St. Boniface and brother of Ss. Winebald and Valpurga.

Color Illustration of St. Willibald
St. Willibald credit- https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/332070172528292473/

It was St. Willibald who miraculously recovered from the near-death experience at the age of 3. As a part of their prayers to God, his parents pledged to place the child into Divine service as a monk should he survive.

St Willibald really did not want to become a bishop, but his diplomatic nature in the way he could handle situations between various challenges from the different pressures of a pilgrim church in Germania made him the perfect candidate for his role. The church thrived.

Graffiti of the family of saints from wiki commons
St Wuna is on the right along with her husband Richard, then Winebald, St Valpurga and St Williebald from Wikicommons

For more about St Willibald, here are my primary sources:

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