266- Amazing Shrine for Our Lady of La Vang

The apparition of the Virgin Mary known as Our Lady of La Vang occurred in Viet Nam in 1798 and this apparition has exciting things happening stateside today!

Shrine in Viet Nam today where Our Lady of La Vang appeared
Apparition spot in Viet Nam where Our Lady of La Vang appeared in 1798- pix by Phong Nhg Explorer.com
New Shrine of Our Lady of La Vang at Christ Cathedral in Orange County, CA
New Shrine to Our Lady of La Vang in Orange County California dedicated in July 2021! pix from Christ Cathedral California .org in Orange County, CA

Links to Primary Sources for this weeks Podcast:

Kelly Mantoan’s post about Our Lady of La Vang on her Blog- This Ain’t the Lyceum.org

(Also check out her NEW BOOK- Better Than OK- Finding Joy as a Special Needs Parent)

Christ Cathedral California- New Shrine information

LA Times Article from July 2021 about the new shrine

Phong Nha Explorer- (Great Photos, text in Vietnamese)

The Smart Local: Vietnam


Michael O’Neill- The Miracle Hunter.com

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