269- Our Lady of Victory & Father Baker

“She Did It All” Venerable Nelson Baker would say in regards to “Our Lady of Victory” whenever something had been achieved for the needy. “Father Baker” as he preferred to be called, is now in the process of consideration for Sainthood.
Photo of a statue in park across street from OLV Basilica of Mary with Jesus and words "She Did It All" on base
“She Did It All” statue across from the Basilica- photo by Nikos Steves
Photo of the exterior of Our Lady of Victory Shrine & Basilica in Lackawanna, NY
Photo of the National Shrine & Basilica of Our Lady of Victory (OLV)- Photo by Nikos Steves 8.24.21
Exterior of the main entrance of OLV, words Hail Our Blessed Lady of Victory above doors
Inscription above the entrance: Hail Our Blessed Lady of Victory

For more information about Our Lady of Victory Shrine & Basilica and Father Baker:

OLV National Shrine & Basilica- OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Direct link to the OLV video from their 3D tour (YouTube)

Photo of Priests POV looking back into the sanctuary of OLV
Priests POV looking through the Sanctuary of OLV
Interior of one side of the Basilica with marble columns
Interior of side columns and lifesize statues of some of the Stations of the Cross

Sources for some information included in this podcast:

OLV National Shrine & Basilica- Father Baker’s Story

Servant of God- Catholicism.org

Celebrating Father Baker Day- Catholicarchives.org

Photo of one block of campus buildings across the street from the OLV Basilica
Some of the Buildings of the OLV campus across the street from the Basilica
Photo of a campus building entrance with sign Our Lady of Victory Homes of Charity
The service centers are now called OLV Human Services
Illustration of Venerable Nelson H. Baker and a prayer for him to become a saint
Link to donating to the cause for Sainthood

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