292- The Ukraine People, ‘Stubborn Believers’ in a most Inspiring Way

Some excerpts from my book The Constant Procession, on the Ukraine people in world wars, Communist suppression, and it’s religious diaspora. The Ukraine people are ‘stubborn believers’ in a most inspiring way.

Back at the end of WWII the victors with major armies, the USSR and the USA quickly became enemies. Concerns by the victors as to how to rebuild the defeated countries from both physical destruction and governing approaches quickly shifted to diverging philosophical ways to replace the Nazis political control of the lands it had conquered in Europe.

Recent autumn photo of a Ukraine cityscape
Colorful autumn Ukraine cityscape before invasion- Travel Off Path.com

Recalling what the Madonna told Fatima seer Sister Lucia: “If you pay heed to my requests, Russia will be converted and there will be peace. If not, Russia will spread her errors through the world, causing wars.”

Before long for the broken eastern european countries, fear and intimidation overcame peaceful transitions and the liberties found in the more open western european countries.

Ukrainian churches and culture were under siege throughout the times of the USSR.

But the ‘stubborn’ Ukranian ‘believers’ who immigrated to North America kept Ukrainian churches and the Ukrainian culture alive in the diaspora during the suppression, until ‘The Ukraine’ homeland gained independence in 1991.

A Ukraine church with Christmas tree 2021
A Ukraine church in Kiev with Christmas tree 2021- Kiev4Tourists.com

More background on The Ukraine:

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