319- Nikos Steves on the Work for New Book Marketing

Here are some of the things I’ve done recently for getting the word out to people who may enjoy reading my new book, The Very Fine Light – to be released on November 3rd on Amazon.com.

Also, Pray for the People of Ukraine. There are links below on ways to support them.

Last week was all about the business of selling the book. First off, you may have noticed a new background look specific to these website pages and posts.


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There will be more pages coming soon, plus I value your feedback for other things you’d like to see on the website.

Good news! I’ve just approved the new book cover! When I receive the finished graphic, you can be sure I will share it with you on the website!

Not being a graphic artist, I chose to “hire it done” by someone who specializes in creating book covers for the book industry.

While the November book release will be the e-book only version and just feature the front cover, never the less, most all of the successful author’s I’ve seen as well as well as my publishing consultants had advised using a professional cover artist and I’m excited by the final design.

I’ve done lots of research to find the right email client to improve the sign up and subscribing experience on the website.

There are so many email apps out there and each feature all sorts of advanced tools, it’s the old story, one email app felt too basic and another too complex and so right now I’m serious thinking about going with MailChimp.

Either way, it will be in place next week. Please come and sign up!

As for the introduction of several characters in the book, check out this week’s podcast above.

Colorized photo of a stone bridge & river front.
Bridge and waterfront similiar to “Canalville,” the fictional village in the upcoming new book: The Very Fine Light

More About Self Publishing:

Self-Publishing “Guru” Mark Dawson’s website- selfpublishing formula.com

Places to Donate to help the People of Ukraine save their country:

Ukranian Orthodox Church of the USA website uocofusa.org
Donation details for giving to the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
Ukranian Congress Committee of America (UCCA)- from Roman Catholic Prayer Service in Atlanta on March 28, 2022
Poster for donations for Ukraine 770-480-8775
Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church, Conyers GA

I value feedback through the comments section here

OR- Better via email at NikosSteves@gmail.com

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