374- The Lemonade Stand

This podcast acknowledges the 106th anniversary of the final Fatima apparition of the Virgin Mary on October 13, 1917.

And then, I take a bit of a departure from apparitions of the Virgin Mary in order to recall an recent experience to recognize the sometime surprising impressions one makes when taking the time to stop at a lemonade stand.

2017-100 Year Celebration at Fatima, Portugal -For More about the Fatima Apparitions:

Episode 366- Part 11 from my first book: “The Constant Procession”

Youtube of when the Pope announced the Saints at that May 12, 2017 event- RomeReports.com

The Child Saints of Fatima- TheAtlantic.com

hoto of a Lemonade stand, that has a banner with the word lemonade on it, a green checkered tablecloth on a card table, several glasses of lemonade on the table plus a blue igloo cooler.
Photo: Organize Yourself Now website- https://organizeyourstuffnow.com/10-tips-successful-yard-sale

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Also, Pray for a final resolution to this latest eruption of hate in the Middle East.

And Pray for the People of Ukraine. There are links for ways to support their defense efforts for sovereignty found below.

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Websites to Donate to help the People of Ukraine:

Ukranian Orthodox Church of the USA website uocofusa.org
Poster for donations for Ukraine 770-480-8775
Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church, Conyers GA
Donation details for giving to the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
Ukranian Congress Committee of America (UCCA)- from Roman Catholic Prayer Service in Atlanta on March 28, 2022

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