380- The Entrance of Mary into the Temple

There is more that occurs during this week of “thanksgiving” that sometimes gets overlooked due to the rush of preparation activities for “Turkey Day.”

Holy Tradition for Tuesday, November 21 is the Feast Day that celebrates when the Virgin Mary’s presentation or entry into the temple came about. She was just 3 years old at the time.

Painting by Fredi diBartolo of maiden Mary on the steps of the temple
Presentation of Mary in the Temple, by Fredi diBartolo

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Pray for a Resolution to the fighting in the Middle East.

And Pray for the People of Ukraine. There are links below on ways to support them.

For more about The Presentation of the Virgin Mary:

Chesterton Wilde on Hubpages.com

Painting of The Parents of the Virgin Mary, Anna and Joachim
The parents of the Young Virgin Mary honor their pledge to God and bring her to the Temple where she is welcomed and given special privileges. Painting- Chesterton Wilde’s article on Hubpages.com
Image of The entrance of the Virgin Mary into the temple by Sano di Pietro
The entrance of the Virgin Mary into the temple by Sano di Pietro

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Websites to Donate to help the People of Ukraine:

Ukranian Orthodox Church of the USA website uocofusa.org
Poster for donations for Ukraine 770-480-8775
Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church, Conyers GA
Donation details for giving to the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
Ukranian Congress Committee of America (UCCA)- from Roman Catholic Prayer Service in Atlanta on March 28, 2022

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