388- The Virgin Mary and Island Names

I spent time in the Caribbean Islands and was struck by the beauty of the aquamarine waters, the coral reefs, deep blue of the ocean, the luscious vegetation and tropical island feel.

The human tragedy of slavery should never be forgotten in these islands and its lingering memory overshadows much of the beauty.

Fortunately addressing the wrongs of history is top of mind in our contemporary times.

Following this trip my awareness has led me to begin to look more deeply into it, however at this time I have only just begun to scratch the surface and need to spend more time learning of the past before being able to report on it at this time.

Here’s what did strike me that I can report on, the naming of the various islands in the Caribbean and the Virgin Mary’s influence.

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St Kitts from a beach, Nevins is off in the distance
St Kitts Island- on the beach, Nevis Island is off in the distance (note clouds above it)
Nevins with 'snow like" clouds overhead
Nevis Island with ‘snow like” clouds overhead

Early Morning vista of Saint Kitts Island (St Christopher) and Nevis Isle

Links with more information about St. Kitts and Nevis:

Saint Kitts and Nevis- Britannica.com

St. Martin of Tours- Wikipedia.com

Nevis- Our Lady of the Snows- MotherOfAllPeople.com

Puerto Rico and San Juan Name Swap, the Untold Story- TheCultureTrip.com

Vista of Caribbean from a rocky shore with desert like cactus in foreground of an unknown island. April, 2022. Beyond is the blue ocean and another island several miles away.
Vista of Caribbean island from top of unknown island. April, 2022. Seashore in bay of aquamarine water, beach homes and green mountain foliage.
Vista of Caribbean from a hilltop with green foliage in foreground of an unknown island. April, 2022. Beyond is the blue ocean and another island several miles away.
Vista of Caribbean island from top of unknown island. April, 2022.IN foreground are Hillside homes, green foliage with sailboats in the bay, and ocean and clouds beyond.

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