176- Christmas- Day 1 of 12 Days for Celebrating the Coming of Christ

May GOD BLESS YOU as we celebrate the Birth of Christ coming into our world through the Blessed Virgin Mary!



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Some links from other sites to give you ideas and history for the 12 Days of Christmas in an effort to extend and SLOW DOWN the CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY SEASON…

12 Days of Christmas from a blog (U.S. Catholic.org)

The Saints the Roman Catholic community celebrations on the 12 Days (The Sun)

Christmastide which includes various Christian observations (wikipedia)

The words in white over an out of focus starlight evening that says 'Merry Christmas, celebrate his birth'
Yes, let’s be sure we Celebrate the Birth of Jesus coming to World

Think beyond today’s way of viewing Christmas, Start daily celebrations! Remember, Christmas Day is just DAY 1!

Gift package with the words 'Jesus is the Gift' writtn on it.
The Gift to give to keep in mind- Jesus walking among us to show us the better way to live

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