395- Our Lady of Hrushiv

“Our Lady of Hrushiv.” Two apparitions of the Virgin Mary that occurred in the Ukraine during the 20th Century.

Photo of Marina Kizyn, at age 12 first to see the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Hrushiv
Photo- Divine Mysteries website

It’s timely to take a moment and review just why the Ukraine captures the attention of those around her and the world.

The Ukraine was dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the year 1037. It’s a special place for the Madonna.

Also in this podcast- a personal observation about Eastertime for the Eastern Orthodox Christian Churches because it falls five weeks later than “American Easter” this year.

And, Pray for the People of Ukraine. There are links below on ways to support them.

Pray for a Resolution to the fighting in the Middle East.

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More for Eastern Orthodox Christian Easter (Pascha)

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Sources & more about Our Lady of Hrushiv

A timeline of the Virgin Mary’s appearances in Hrushivv- Saints 2B blog

Our Lady of Hrushiv, Ukraine Devine Mysteries.info

SpiritDaily.com- Book quotes: Witness

Josyp Terelya info and more about the book- Marys Way.net

More information about Lent + Resources for Your Lenten Journey:

Eternal World Television Network- EWTN.com

Catholic Diocese of Wichita.org

Activites for Children for Lent- CatholicIcing.com

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Places to Donate to help the People of Ukraine save their Country:

Ukranian Orthodox Church of the USA website uocofusa.org
Donation details for giving to the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
Ukranian Congress Committee of America (UCCA)- from Roman Catholic Prayer Service in Atlanta on March 28, 2022

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