124- Part 5; Enjoy Time

A mini-series for extending the Christmas holiday. To be sure, Christmas IS celebrated for 12 days! New Years is just Day 9 with still more to come through January 6! PART 5

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Photo of 2018 Xmas Tree with presents underneath
Jesus is in the house when the Christmas tree is complete with the star of David and all the presents under the tree.


What’s continuing from Jesus Christ’s big day is the spreading of this joy on earth. It comes subtly as the growing spirit of Friendship…Kinship…Pleasantries…new beginnings…overlooking hurts…mending fences are taking place in this holiday.

Here’s some family fun stuff to do for the rest of Christmastime:

How about going to that museum or art gallery you have yet to visit?

Take some Christmas cookies to a neighbor or just stop by- say “hi.”

Build a snow jump with the kids and watch them go wild!

Make hot chocolate and sit around the Christmas tree enjoying the quiet time.

Read aloud a Christmas story and/or the Christmas card verses that came in this year.

Watch the holiday movie “Elf” as a family.

Gather everyone for an evening drive to take in the lights of Christmas.

Have someone play Christmas tunes on the piano…everyone gather around.

Play a board game or a card game on the dining room table…

Go visit an elderly friend or teacher.

Give some time to helping someone in need

Volunteer for a day with “meals on wheels” or “feeding the hungry” programs.

Go to one of the “dinner and a movie” theatres.                            

Make it a family activity for a New Years brunch

Lunch at a new restaurant or get a “cup of joe” with old friends.

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