28- Ch 18; Lady of Lourdes

This installment is about Our Lady of Lourdes… It took place in the year 1858. One request by the Madonna was to have a chapel built where she stood to help people, according to seer Bernadette Soubiron.

And still today it is a major Christian site where people go to heal…with well over a million people coming there each year.

There is a constant stream of people visiting…with people requesting the Virgin Mary to intercede for them, to pass their prayers onto Jesus the Christ on their behalf.

These requests are made hour after hour, day after day…

Though difficult for people without faith to understand… it is a place of comfort for many who travel there…and documented miracles have occurred.

To Listen from the Beginning of the Book

The Constant Procession is a book, a personal memoir about the history of the Virgin Mary or the Madonna since she passed on from the world.

There are forty contiguous installments that run around 7 minutes in length each. They will be published every Tuesday morning beginning in August 2016 and read by the me, Nikos Steves.

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