197- The Ascension of Christ, also May is the Month of Mary

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During Eastertime they feasted with Christ during those 40 days and his Mother was among his witnesses. Then came his Ascension. Tradition tells us The Virgin Mary was there.

Also, there are Marian oriented works afoot after the Re-Consecration of North America to the Virgin Mary several weeks ago. They include a major motion picture premier about an apparition of the Virgin Mary entitled ‘Fatima.’ Also there is a growing recognition for the ‘Flame of Love’ requests by the Virgin Mary to seer Elizabeth Kindelmann.

Photo from the official trailer of the movie 'Fatima' show the three little seers in prayer
FATIMA in theatres August 2020

Official Movie Trailer of the new movie ‘Fatima’

The ‘About page’ from Flame of Love.us

More information on the Virgin Mary at the Ascension (Patheos.com)

Source for podcast quote- (Catholic.com)

Feast of the Ascension  (Encyclopedia Britannica)

30 foot mosaic of the Ascension with the Virgin Mary, the Disciples and Angels...
30 foot mosaic of the Ascension with the Virgin Mary, the Disciples and Angels. Annunciation Cathedral Atlanta

This icon portrays Christ’s victory over death and evil that many Christian church communities bring up throughout the 50 days of Eastertime.

This icon of the Ascension shows Christ rising towards heaven. Below are the apostles as well as the Virgin Mary too.  And while the Apostles logically are looking up as Christ is rising, they appear to be talking amongst themselves in wonderment while watching Christ as he rises, whereas  The Virgin Mary is depicted  as centermost and very calm has her hands raised up in prayer.

Also included are two angels behind the Virgin Mary who speak one line to those witnesses to the event, the first angel says according to the Acts of the Apostles: “ This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into Heaven” This event occurs forty days after Christ arose from the tomb, but 10 days before Pentecost.

Month of the Virgin Mary Devotions (Catholic New Agency)

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