198- The 50 Day Brings Peace + 100yr St Joan Anniversary

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There are a lot of things that we have gone without while in isolation during this Springtime 2020, but the Great 50 Day Feast of Easter, culminating with Pentecost provides us a great counterpoint to the anxiety of the unknown.

image of Mary at Pentecost
Image from- eospitituality.com

The Virgin Mary at Pentecost (catholic-pages.com)

Dome image of the assumption
Image from- 02varvara.wordpress.com

The Virgin Mary at Pentecost (BishopsCatholicHerold.org)

Photo of the assumption
Image from- frdondietz.blogspot.com

The Virgin Mary at Pentecost (TaylorMarshall.com)

May 16 is the 100th Year Anniversary of Joan of Arc becoming a Saint!

Here’s an amazing reality – Mark Twain wrote a book about Joan of Arc and felt it was his greatest work! Here’s a quote from him (from the Catholic World Report)

Mark Twain was still alive when the Church beatified Joan of Arc in 1909. To a certain extent, his novel remains a puzzling act of devotion from a complicated man. For the great American author, there was no one like St. Joan. He marveled at her confidence in God’s Will, her courage, her simplicity. And in her he saw an example for all time. We can hear Twain’s own voice in the words of his narrator describing Joan: “It took six thousand years to produce her; her like will not be seen in the earth again in fifty thousand. Such is my opinion.”

Icon of Joan of Arc
Image of Joan of Arc from- thefamouspeople.org

Joan of Arc – Detailed History (Wikipedia.com)

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