Update- ‘M de Marie’ (just photos)


I’ve been following the two horse drawn carriages who are etching the letter ‘M’ for the Virgin Mary across the entire country of France this summer.

Photo of La Salette carriage departure!
La Salette departure- East route
La Salette carriage departur- West route
M leaves Lourdes- West route

The participants are doing this in an effort to remind us of the passion that the Virgin Mary has for the French people and people everywhere. Thanks to Josée P. for forwarding the links to these photos from the tour’s FB page.

Montendre-West route 6.30
Montendre-West route 6.30

It’s pretty clear from the photos that these dedicated pilgrims love the Madonna and have shed fear of the worldly things that are plaguing humanity today.

Laize 7.3
Laize 7.3

People all across France are coming out to honor our Blessed Mother

and support the brave pilgrims who have ‘stepped up’ to make this tour happen during the virus of 2020…

Champigny-sous-Uxelles 7.5b
Champigny-sous-Uxelles 7.5

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