204- ‘Constant Procession’ Part 4

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The 4th installment from my book Constant Procession

Continuing the story about the church community that sprouts from the Nancy Fowler apparitions. Next comes the early history of apparitions surrounding the Madonna from the Annunciation to the description of how a seer felt right after meeting the Virgin Mary and also the roots of the Black Madonna icon image.

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‘The Farm’ (10/13/17) adjacent to the church spawned by Nancy Fowler apparitions- Conyers, GA
Painting at the Basilica of the moment when they found the miraculous statue.
Painting at the Basilica in Guadalupe, SPAIN as Gil Codero finds the miraculous statue of the Black Madonna hidden by Christians hundreds of years earlier during the conquest of Spain by the Muslim Moors.

Constant Procession tells of key apparitions of the Virgin Mary since she passed on from the world and how she serves humanity through Christianity.

The origin of these podcasts began with my book Constant Procession.

(An e-book copy of the book can be found here on the website.)

Constant Procession; the podcast; is published here every Tuesday morning.

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