218- Part 18, Epilogue & Updates

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Pt 18- Epilogue & Summer of 2020 Update

Update on the Madonna’s work during this year’s ‘Reconsecration of North America to the Virgin Mary’ plus final thoughts about the 17-part release of my book Constant Procession and also what I learned about producing a weekly podcast.

Here are some final thoughts following the completion of the summer re-release of my book Constant Procession and the accompanying podcast. Today I reflect on where we’ve been, giving me a chance to introduce the theme for Season Eight, the next installments of Constant Procession- the podcast.

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New Updates for the

Reconsecration of North America

to the Madonna

A New Film Release!

Title to movie 'Pray, the story of Patrick Peyton
Clipping about Fr Peyton 'Hollywoods Gift to Our Lady'
Article by Actor Loretta Young from the Documentary

Photo of James Dean in his 1st role was for Fr. Peyton!
James Dean in his 1st film role was for Fr. Peyton!

Take the Pledge of Fr Patrick Peyton’s Pray as a Family



(There’s more overseas!)


2 carriages process across France 2020
Enjoy this inspirational video celebrating the meeting of the wagons with stature of Our Lady of France at Pellevoisin


Webpage about theSpiritual Rosary Pilgrimage


AP article Pope Think Tank to Liberate Mary from Mafia

My podcast production system:

Constant Procession tells of key apparitions of the Virgin Mary since she passed on from the world and how she serves humanity through Christianity.

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