219- The Life of the ‘young’ Virgin Mary!

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This is the first installment about the history of the Young Virgin Mary.

Have you ever thought back about the life of the Blessed Mother before the life of Jesus? Back when his mother was a baby? How about back even before she was born?

I have uncovered the story of Joachim and Anna. The parents of the Mother of God.

This icon and more info about Joachim and Anna (Ann) are from orthodoxwiki.org

Icon of Joachim and Anna with the Baby Mary

The Virgin Mary’s father, Joachim owned vast herds of sheep and had other shepherds to tend to them. Due to good stewardship, Joachim chose to offer some of the treasure he received from his work to the poor and those close to the temple.

His wife Anna was the daughter of a priest, from the house of Levi.  When Joachim was around twenty he married Anna. They were unable to have children.

People almost ostracized them, in spite of the fact that they were worthy of praise due to their constant practicing of faith in God, temple laws and all they did to help others.

They always prayed to God for help.

I hope you enjoy their story in this installment of Constant Procession.

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