223- Young Virgin Mary & the Color Purple

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Apparently the young Virgin Mary knew how to weave pretty well and one of the items she made will surprise you.

Have you ever wondered what was meant during the passion of Christ in the moments after he breathed his last breath, when it says these words:

And the veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom.’

Well I have, but never have I gone to the point of researching what it meant, until recently while preparing this final installment of the history of the young Virgin Mary in the temple.

Links for more information:

‘The Compass’ article date; 8.30.12

Aberti’s Window, An Art History Blog

PDF: Lawrence Cross: “St Mary in the Christian East” written March 2007
See specific quotes from Gospel of James

A quote from the New World Encyclopedia- Mary the Mother of Jesus:

There, she is selected for the honor of sewing a new curtain for the temple at the same time that Zechariah receives his vision from the angel Gabriel concerning the birth of John the Baptist. Mary presents her sewing to the high priest after the Annunciation, before continuing on to Zechariah’s house.

The spindle is apparent here in Mary's left hand.
The spindle is apparent here in Mary’s left hand.
Modern Icon of the Annunciation. The Virgin Mary has the yarn in both hands.
The Virgin Mary has the yarn in both hands.
Icon of the Annunciation. The Yarn is in the Virgin Mary's right hand.
The Yarn is in the Virgin Mary’s right hand

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