224- Take Advantage of this Unique Time!

Part 1 of a mini-series on how to extend the Christmas Season (start now)

Let’s take advantage of the unique opportunity ‘Covina’ isolation offers as we head into the Christmas season. Participate in daily Advent meditations or the Nativity Fast . Shake off this doubt in our world!

As preparations for their trek to Bethlehem began for the Virgin Mary and Joseph, we too have the opportunity to celebrate life by preparing for the joy Christmas brings to our world.

Photo with text that reads as follows;Let us journey towards the Feast of the Nativity with joyous hearts! Fast no only from food, but also from hatred and fear. Bring forth goodness and kindness to all. Forgive, Be generous, In all thints, give glory to God.
Image from: Nativity fast from acatholiclife.blogspot.com

If the Christmas Spirit was lacking in last year’s holiday season, why not try something different? Why not go beyond “Santa’s Big Day?” Why not start the season earlier (like today) and end the Christmas season later? (12 days of Xmas ends January 6)

Take a moment and consider partaking in the pre-Christmas activities during  Advent or the Nativity Fast… You’ll be glad you did.

The sources & quotes from this Podcast can be found:

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More information on the daily prayers with Advent Wreath

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