225- ‘Do Christmas’ 2020 Style

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This installment explores ways to take advantage of the hiatus from the usual holiday gatherings and shopping as we move into the 2020 Christmas season.

For me the empty chairs around the dining room table during Thanksgiving is an advance glance at how the upcoming Christmas Day of 2020 could look, without our thinking of how to ‘Do-Christmas’ 2020.

Even during this pandemic, those empty chairs made me reflect on the prayers that were answered this year. It made me really appreciate what God has done for my family and friends.

Let’s now turn our focus away from the world of getting ‘Christmas presents’. Turning instead towards the Virgin Mary and Joseph as they prepared for the Nativity it will fill the lack of socializing that the world in the year 2020 has been giving us.

Listen to Part 1: Take Advantage of this Unique Time

For more info on Metropolitan Gregory’s Nativity Fast Prayer website page:

Image of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus with Nativity Fast Prayer Challenge- Praying for Peace
Metropolitan Gregory’s 2020 Nativity Fast prayer challenge (American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the USA)
1st candle being lit by a small child on Advent Wreath
1st candle on Advent Wreath.  Photo: frontierdreams.blogspot.com

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