237- Lenten Starts, New Beginnings and Locomotion

This week episode includes the Virgin Mary during the early days of the Christian community as I contemplate the early days of my Lenten journey.

Also in this installment are several ways to offer acts of charity within our continued isolation in year 2021.

If you’ve have cabin fever and needing to step out into your community for service work, here’s an idea for you.

Also I have an observation about the effects of the plague on our American society in motion.

And I appreciate your thoughts on how to host a procession against the plague in one’s community. All this is here in podcast 237 as we continue on the Constant Procession.

Text "Preparing for Easter"
How can you prepare yourself for a more meaningful Easter this year?

Meals on Wheels FAQ’s

How One Local Area (Tulsa OK) Handles Meals on Wheels

From the Commentary section- From Trains to Cars to Computers…A country in motion yesterday and today…

Great poster of a the passenger train 'Golden State'
From Erin Kelly’s Blog- Poster of the Golden State steamer

Unusual Religious Train Pilgrimage in India back in 2017

Movie Memories vimeo of See the USA in Your Chevrolet

A fun series of commercials that glance back when the car replaced the train… via ‘See the USA in Your Chevrolet‘ courtsey of Movie Memories

Infographic of computer posture tips by Dr. Neal

And then there’s today. Here are some great tips from Dr. Neal Malik on how to optimize your computer time courtsey of Optimal Living Daily

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Constant Procession tells of key apparitions of the Virgin Mary since she passed on from the world and how she serves humanity through Christianity.

The origin of these podcasts began with my book The Constant Procession.

(An e-book copy of the book can be found here on the website.)

Constant Procession (the podcast) is published here every Tuesday morning.

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