238- Going Deeper By Going Without

As the milestone of isolation grinds on, this season of Lent takes our Easter journey on a course that differs from all the previous Lenten experiences

By this I mean everyone, Christian believer or not, has been involved in some form of social isolation for an entire year. So our spiritual goal to pull back from the day to day social interactions in order to get closer to Jesus takes on a different feel this year 2021.

Because isolation is the byword for everyone this year. So our personal journey requires a different sort of individual contemplation. The prevention of having to physically attend church and come together in our common pilgrimages towards the great Easter moment is not like any other year.

Contemporary color illustration of the Risen Christ embracing Mother Mary
The Resurrected Christ with Mother Mary


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With the trauma of life coming from all sides this year, the Lenten journey offers many specific prayers for personal reflection. We can, as did Mother Mary, witness the journey Jesus took and a way through our trials of today.

By now going without and prayer most likely is becoming a more significant part of your day. The conscious considerations should provide a greater meaning, especially when we sometimes waiver from our long term commitment to honoring our Lenten practices.

And as prayer is becoming a more significant part of our day, we find ourselves with fewer distractions because of the restrictions still in place for everyone anyways.

So this may be requiring different considerations for our daily Lenten practices than from all our years before 2021. But it should provide a greater meaning.

And regardless of your level of success, the reality remains that there is a constant process of consideration and reflection that is daily taking place within us now.

What is happening is a cementing into place of the need to look into ourselves in a deeper way than ever before and to look to Jesus in his last days on earth as a human as well as the Godly approach he practiced as he faced the challenges of his life as a human being.

Which makes me want to reflect on how the experience of the Virgin Mary as she raised Jesus may have continually returned to her mind as she witnessed the last days of his life on earth.


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Tips from Luz Maria Silverio, MD at aliem.com


Today, I have a curiosity about those masked people out there who can’t keep their masks secured over their noses. Now while it is true that an occasional loosening of a facemask does plague us all, never the less it will soon be one year since the concept of wearing a mask has become part of everyone’s day to day awareness.

Tips from Kristen Davis, Cleveland.com

Tips from Luz Maria Silverio, MD

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