281- Extend the Christmas Holiday!

To be sure, Christmas is celebrated for 12 days with still more to come through January 6!

The Happy Times to Celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ continues with the spreading of this joy on earth.

It comes subtly as the Growing Spirit of Friendship…Kinship…Pleasantries…New Beginnings…Overlooking Hurts…Mending Fences are now taking place.

These are the new ‘gifts’ we are receiving and, hopefully giving, during this 12 Day holiday.

3 gold christmas bulbs over a green snowy background with the words Emmanuel, Our God is with us
Our GOD IS with US

More about 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS:

What are the 12 Days of Christmas- GreekCityTimes.com

Church Doctrine: Celebrate for 12 days, no work, even for horses- CatholicismPure.com

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