282- New Season and a News Story Some Believe Miraculous

Happy New Year 2022!

This Episode number 282 is the first installment of Season 22.

The intended content for this week’s podcast still needs more research before I can bring it to you. This created a hole in my schedule for programming that usually does not happen.

Then I read this news story on the website AJC.com by Reporter Henri Hollis. I think it should be called to your attention, if you have not already seen or heard about it.

The full news story by Henri Hollis is linked below as well as the Press Release mentioned in the podcast.

First of all, full disclosure: In this podcast I read excerpts from the news story by Reporter Hollis as well as from a Press Release by one of the two hero’s employers.

-AJC Newspaper, Monday January 3, 2022 (Henri Hollis) “God set this up: Husband, wife save couple”

Newspaper (AJC) clipping about couple who save 2 lives
Newspaper (AJC) clipping about couple who save 2 lives

The sources for the Joe & Lauren Wells Story: 

-AJC.com- Dec 30: “Butterfly Effect” by Henri Hollis

-City of Chattahoochee Hills- Press Release 12/21/21- via AmericanTowns.com

-WSBTV.com (News Staff) 4:04pm post “Chattahoochee Hills, GA Policeman and Wife Save”

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