16- Chapter 11; continues

In this installment we find ourselves back, after the conquest and destruction of the City of Gold, to the newly rebuild area now known as Mexico City.

The year is 1531, when an apparition of the Virgin Mary occurs to a native who is on his way to mass in the center of the city. Saint Diego answered a request by the Virgin Mary on a cold winter day as he journeyed by a stone hill that was on his path.

Today, almost five hundred years later a sprawling spiritual center stands as a testimonial to that meeting. And today the Basilica to the Virgin Mary called Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of the most visited spiritual sites in the world.


Constant Procession tells of key apparitions of the Virgin Mary since she passed on from the world and how she serves humanity through Christianity.

The origin of these podcasts began with my book; Constant Procession.

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I’ve read the entire book from cover to cover (Installments 1-49.) Each installment runs 7 minutes in length.

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Installments since Podcast 50 are an extended series of additional stories about the history of the Virgin Mary that are not found in the book.

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