76- Mary meets St. Bridget

Bridget of Sweden, a 14th century Roman Catholic Saint had 8 children, starting a religious order, spent time in Rome plus raised a saint (St. Catherine of Sweden) as she wrote accounts of her visits from the Madonna and Jesus.

Saint Bridget of Sweden looking up at a beam of light shining down on her from heaven
Saint Bridget of Sweden documented many of her visitations which were confirmed in 1436.
A colorful mosiac of St. Bridget of Sweden who holds a quill for writing and a notebook
Saint Bridget of Sweden sometimes portrayed with a quill to write with and a book to write in.
This insight inscribed over an painting of St. Bridget "Close your ears to empty words so that you may come to hear the Angel's song"
An insight of St. Bridget from her works offering people words of wisdom.
A beautiful illustration of St Catherine, Saint Bridget's daughter.
A beautiful illustration of St Catherine, Saint Bridget’s daughter.

St. Bridget’s writings

A biography of St. Bridget

St. Bridget about the Virgin Mary

William J. Walsh’s book Heaven’s Bright Queen

Constant Processions explore key apparitions of the Virgin Mary since she passed on from the world and how the impact of her requests to humanity has served to influence our historical past and the present.

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Since installment 50, new stories about apparitions the Virgin Mary that are not in the book are presented and bring to life more amazing visitations not found in my book, but just as fascinating!

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