82- Lent, Easter & Mary Pt 1

This is the first installment of a mini-series about getting into the Lenten season by reflecting on how the Virgin Mary’s experience in following Jesus Christ towards his Easter Passion may be able to encourage us on our Lenten journey.

Painting of Christ appearing to his Mother after his death
Christ appearing to his Mother after his resurrection.
Text "Preparing for Easter"
How can you prepare yourself for a more meaningful Easter this year?
Interior of a row of pews in a church with the purple cloth of the passion spread down the rows
Making time for Public and Private Prayer
Illustration with the word "Lent" at the bottom of a mountain and the three crosses of the Passion at the top with the sunshine bursting above
Climbing the mountain of “going without” during Lent
Colocful Orthodox Easter Eggs
Orthodox Easter Eggs

Constant Procession tells of key apparitions of the Virgin Mary since she passed on from the world and how she serves humanity through Christianity.

More on Fasting and Abstaining from a Roman Catholic perspective

More on the Great Lent from an Orthodox perspective

The origin of these podcasts began with my book; Constant Procession.

I’ve read the entire book from cover to cover (Installments 1-49.) Each installment runs about 7 minutes in length.

To listen from the beginning

Installments since Podcast 50 are an extended series of additional stories about the history of the Virgin Mary that are not found in the book.

Constant Procession; the podcast; is published every Tuesday morning.

I value feedback through the comments section on my website or better via email at NikosSteves@gmail.com

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