139- Part 6; Riding the “M”

Part 6- This is a Special Installment that may inspire the final weeks of your Lenten journey. “Riding the M” is a beautiful contemporary way to get closer to the Virgin Mary – Ever consider cycling across another country?

Map of The route the young bikers are taking from apparition site to apparition site in France...
The ‘M” route from apparition site to apparition site actually includes 2 more sites.

There is a cycling tour in France called “The Great Love of Mary.” It is a 1,429 mile course in the shape of the letter “M.” M for the Virgin Mary. Each point of the M is an apparition site where she once appeared.

A reflection from last years tour offers a sense of the experience when focused on riding to and between these places the Virgin Mary has graced with her presence. Thanks to cyclist Clarisse for sharing.

Day 26The bikers are riding down the road, continuing on via Paray-le-Monial.
“Riding the “M” (Le Grand AIME de Marie- 2018)
Photo of Clarisse at the final apparition site: La Salette on the 2018 Le grand AIME de Marie tour, in Engllish it is known as The Great Love of Mary tour
Clarisse at the final apparition site: La Salette on the 2018 Le grand AIME de Marie tour (The Great Love of Mary)

Here’s more information about this years tour that runs from July 14-August 15, 2019.

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