190- Ideas (40+) for Celebrating Easter while Sheltering in Place

40+ ideas for what to do at home for celebrating this Easter Day 2020, while Sheltering in Place.

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Beyond preparing food and eating, I’ve looked into ways to celebrate Easter Day with the reality of the limitations that are now upon us for Easter 2020. The podcast offers over forty other things to do within this cloistered day in isolation.

Here Are the 40+ Ideas:

TRADITIONAL things to do leading up to Easter Day:

Color Easter Eggs

Make an Easter Bonnet

Make A Bunny Cake

Make an Easter egg tree

Easter Bush (inside or outside)

Build a catch and release rabbit trap

Make a Nature Table

Make Easter Cards, send to your family, elders or kids

Adult Easter Eggs with funny fortune slips

SOME SOCIAL IDEAS- Before, During or After Easter Day:

Catch up with a neighbor over the fence

Introduce yourself to your neighbor (over the fence)

Go for a bike ride

Look for 5 different kinds of birds

See how many animals you see in your yard in twenty minutes

Count the different types of flowers from your yard/window from 1 spot

Count the different trees in your view

Look at old Family photos

Edit your cellphone photos

Back-up your cellphone photos

Organize photos

Organize videos

Learn now to crochet

Learn how to knit

Grill out

Have a picnic in your yard

Fill (or clean out) a bird bath

Go for a drive

Go boating

EASTER DAY THINGS TO DO, in addition to the Easter meal:

Get up late

Make Pancakes for Breakfast

Watch Church service on internet

Thank Jesus for coming into the world

Read from Easter Day Bible Texts Out loud

Easter Egg Hunt

Dress up for Dinner

Lit a candle/candles for your Easter meal

Crack Easter Eggs

Tell your remembrances during your family’s favorite Easter Day(s)

Look at Family Holiday snapshots

Look at old family Easter Day videos

Make and Write a journal about Easter 2020 for future generations to read

Breaking my rule on media- Watch one of the Classic Easter Movies-

The Ten Commandments or Greatest Story Ever Told,

Which when you think about it, is the greatest story ever told.

SUGGESTIONS thanks to- Niki K:

  1. Start with viewing a church service via the internet and maybe checking out services of other Christian services;
  2. Like A Sunrise Service…
  3. Like A Midnight Service… 

A note from Niki about coloring Easter Eggs:

The eggs can be boiled and dyed with vegetable dyes (like boiled onion skins), if you don’t have the regular dyes. 

Or even decorated with crayons by the kids and then let the kids hid them 

4. Reading from the Bible about the events and explaining it to the family. 

5. Watching a classic movie about Easter, for example “The Passion of the Christ” for the more mature group or “Ben Hur”, etc.

6. Younger kids may enjoy drawing pictures about things that they associate with Easter and explaining what it means to them. 

7. Of course preparing and sharing a special Easter meal, even if it only PB@J.

SUGGESTIONS thanks to- Marina K:

Call shut-ins

Our family is Greek Orthodox, we gather around and light our vigil lamp

But most of all, It’s about God and we thank Him and Jesus for being here for us all.

SUGGESTIONS thanks to- Josée P:

Perhaps a picnic on Easter Day, everyone being 6 ft away from each other…  

Or a webinar meeting, in the course of which each person expresses their gratitude, with specifics, or reads a poem or spiritual text. 

Being well and alive right now is a blessing…

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