193- Continuing The Great 50 Day Feast and also Our Lady of Pilar

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This episode is about the Great Feast of 50 days celebrating the wonderment of Christ’s resurrection as he repeatedly visited the people he loved, including his mother and also the story of St. James and Our Lady of Pilar about 40 years after his death.

Details & History about the 50 Day Feast Celebration (CatholicCulture.org)


Some ideas are from the website For Your Marriage (this links to their site)

  • Decorate your house for the season! Place fresh flowers on your table and mantle – you can even place flowers on crucifixes in your house. Frame or write out a quote from one of the Gospels and display it somewhere prominent.
  • Continue with spiritual resolutions, such as reading the Scriptures together as a family.
  • As the weather warms, plant a garden together to commemorate Easter morning, where Mary Magdalene found Christ in the garden.
  • Consider reading Acts of the Apostles or some of the New Testament letters as a family during this liturgical season.
  • The Easter season is a time of celebration! The Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary are particularly fitting for this time. Pray a decade as a family each week night.

Catch up with a neighbor over the fence (6′ distance)

Look for 5 different kinds of birds in your area

See how many animals you see in your yard in twenty minutes

Count the different types of flowers from your yard/window from 1 spot

Count the different trees in your view

Look at old Family photos

Grill out

Our Lady of Pilar sits along the Ebro River…the pillar where the Virgin Mary visited St. James is within this Minor-Basilica.

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