209- ‘Constant Procession’ Part 9

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The 9th installment from my book Constant Procession-

The Virgin’s Miraculous Metal arrives during an epidemic in Paris in 1832!

For the next part of my journey of discovery, it’s the year 1846. I learn about the Virgin Mary apparating at LaSalette, France with a Message of Hope. In the words of Pope John Paul II, “This message shows that Divisions are repairable.”

Statue of Mary in France with Procession (photo LA-CROIX.com)
AUGUST 2020- Statue of Mary in France with Procession (photo LA-CROIX.com)

And as all roads lead to the Virgin Mary…

Today, The Virgin Mary is traveling across France! 2 identical statues of ‘Our Lady of France’ are mounted on two horse drawn carriages. They are out on the road and running to counter the world-wide Pandemic! 

Pilgrims are traversing France following the identical statues on these horse drawn carriages. (see photo above)

One carriage started at LaSalette and is on route through Paris and the 2nd carriage is traveling from Lourdes and will meet up with the other in Pellevoisin!

This wonderful procession is tracing the letter ‘M’ all across France and has been going on all summer!

This originally came to my attention from Constant Procession friend and supporter Josée P. (Herself bravely traveling back home to France several weeks ago!)

Thank-you Josée for keeping me up to date as the 2 horse drawn carriages (and growing procession of pilgrims) fearlessly continue the tour across France during this troubled summer of 2020!

Link to M de Marie fb page

August 14- The Procession arrives at Rue du Bac -Where the Miraculous Medal Apparition occurred !

Poster at Rue du Bac where the Virgin Mary appeared to Catherine LaBouré
Poster at Rue du Bac where the Virgin Mary appeared to Catherine LaBouré and told her to create the Miraculous Metal.
Goole map of M de Marie route closer
The two routes the carriages are now processing along and they’ll meet  in Paris.

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