246 Seafarers, Brother Marinus & the Virgin Mary

From stories about the Madonna’s intercessions for seafarers to a bit about the story of Captain Leonard LaRue (aka Brother Marinus), skipper of the Meredith Victory.

His bravery with this freighter in 1950 earned the Guinness Book of Records award for rescuing the most people (14,000!) during a single voyage. Now in the works is a cause for possible sainthood for him.

Also here’s a shout out to the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church’s around the world who’s Pascha (Easter) services culminate on May 2, 2021.

Photo of the Sculpture of stone sails at Our Lady of Guadalupe appariton site
This stone sail sculpture located at the apparition site of Our Lady of Guadalupe by sailors who prayed to the Madonna and were rescue at sea
Photo of the Korean Refugees aboard the SS Meredith Victory (US Navy)
The Ship of Miracles, Christmas 1950 aboard the SS Meredith Victory (US Navy)

Captain Leonard LaRue (Brother Marinus) and the Meredith Victory

Links to the documentary trailer and book both entitled ‘Miracle of the Sea’

Guided By God’s Own Hand– Story by Ned Forney, Writer

President of South Korea about the Meredith Victory- blog by Lawrence B. Brennan

Korean War Memorial Foundation article about the “Ship of Miracles”

Information about the Apostleship of the Sea of the United States of America

Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea in the United Kingdom)

Poem & the quote in the podcast are by Meg Matenaer- Catholicmom.com

From my book The Constant Procession– overlooked aspects of the voyages of Christopher Columbus

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