245- Selfless Service Yesterday and Today

The Virgin Mary was on the march recently in Paris, plus a story about a miraculous precursor to this recent Paris procession and in my hometown, a mission that is run by Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity.

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From my first book: The Constant Procession– A miracle for the son of Napoleon III (Episode 102)

More About: Our Lady of the Sea:

This earlier story tells about a priest turned amateur architect to rebuild a cathedral housing a miraculous statue of the Madonna in Boulogne sur mer, a coastal city in France. Father Haffreingue built the bell tower “tall as a prayer” to house the relic of “Our Lady of the Sea.”

Lady of Grand Return tfp.org

Our Lady of the Sea; The Grand Return- By James R. Bascom in The American TFP (tfp.org)

From my first book: The Constant Procession – The mysterious appearance of “Our Lady of the Sea” back in 636AD (Episode 104)

The Virgin Mary’s Paris Procession:

(Started at the apparition site of the Miraculous Medal (aka Rue de Bac) to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame on April 18, 2021)

Poster from the April 18 Paris Procession
Statue of the Madonna with child being carried as it leads the procession in Paris on April 18, 2021
More of the pilgrims behind banners of various saints honored in the Paris Procession on April 18, 2021
The Choir and orchestra perform at on the plaza for the Paris Procession

The orchestra rehearsal video is 25 seconds long, but then offers other highlights of the Virgin Mary’s Paris Procession- Enjoy!

More About: Mother Teresa’s Mission in Atlanta:

The Sisters from Missionaries of Charity and one of their other outreach projects.

The Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity visit to the Mission.

Gift of Grace House in Atlanta, Georgia
Volunteers supporting the mission during my visit

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