247- er, podcast 169

This weeks episode got off to a rocky start. My house got hit by lightning and recording studio in basement flooded on Monday late afternoon.

My computer system, internet router and hard drive with podcast information went down and currently in repair shop for evaluation.

So if you received a podcast labeled 169 Constant Procession instead of this weeks expected 247 Constant Procession, the mix-up was my attempt to get at least a section of this weeks podcast to you in a timely manner.

Either number tells the beautiful story about Saint Aldegone and the Virgin Mary.

Saint Aldegonde was born into a royal bloodline and to be wed to a noblemen, however she believed in Jesus’s unconditional love and his incomprehensible nobility that none other could be compared with.

Missing elements for this weeks podcast will be added to next weeks installment.

Wish me luck as I attempt to piece together the computer system and basement studio!

God Bless!

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