271- Pt 2: Fatima Apparition & a wreath

Part 2- Our Lady of Fatima, Spanish Influenza & The Farm in Conyers, GA

A poignant reminder of the Spanish Influenza pandemic is the effect it had on the youngest seers, Francisco and his sister Jacinta Marto, who recently became saints at the 100 year commemoration in Fatima on May 13, 2017.

Unusual photo of 3 seers of fatima
Saint Jacinta (L) and brother Saint Francisco (R)

Both died from the effects of the Spanish Influenza before turning 12.


The New Saints- Catholic News Agency.com

The Pope Makes History- American Magazine.org

Conyers.org has more about The Farm/Our Loving Mothers CHILDREN – Conyers.org

Our Loving Mother’s Children held a commemorative Fatima prayer service at “The Farm” on May 13, 2021. It included the crowning of a statue of the Virgin Mary with a wreath followed by a day of activities. Conyers.org

Photo of the main statue of the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus at Our Loving Mother's Children, May 13, 2021 before the crowning with a wreath of flowers ceremony.
Statue of the Virgin with child at “The Farm” for Our Loving Mother’s Children’s ‘Fatima celebration’ (May 13, 2021)
for more about them visit their website- Conyers.org
Photo of main statue with the wreath of flowers crowning the Virgin Mary, May 13 2021
Close up photo of main statue with the wreath of flowers crowning the Virgin Mary
Photo of the small statue of the Virgin Mary that can be seen in the center during the Rosary prayers following the crowning of the larger statue with a wreath of flowers on May 13, 2021 at The Farm.
The 3′ statue of ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ in very center of this photo
The shawl shimmers as it moves across the statue of the Virgin Mary as mentioned in the podcast.

Here’s Episode 166 from the 2017 wreath crowning mentioned in the podcast

Photo of several of the memorials to the Virgin Mary in the woods at Our Mother's Children in Conyers, GA
Memorials to the Virgin Mary from all over the world in the forest at ‘The Farm’ in Conyers, GA- Conyers.org

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